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Cars That Are Commonly Used By Kenyan Women.

Looking around at the traffic in Kenya, you'll notice that there are lots of stunning women behind the wheel of equally stunning vehicles. This demonstrates that not only males but also women appreciate well-made machinery.

However, given their passion for automobiles, women tend to be linked with a select few models. See below for a list of popular vehicle makes and models owned by Kenyan women drivers.

1.Toyota Auris.Toyota Auris sales have increased in Kenya. When it comes to Toyota hatchbacks, this is one of the rare models that comes in a diesel variant.The Auris is a popular vehicle among Kenyan ladies because of its sleek exterior, powerful engine, and high quality interior.

2. Mazda CX-5.

We no longer refer to Subaru drivers in Kenya as "the guys," but rather to CX-5 drivers.This is because the Mazda CX-5's good appearance have made it a preferred choice among Kenyan SUV buyers. The luxurious interior finish and refined appearance and feel make it a popular choice among female motorists.

3.The Toyota Harrier.

When it comes to crossover SUVs in Kenya, the Toyota Harrier is among the best options in terms of both looks and ride quality. Aunty wa Harrier is a widely used word, thus you can tell it's popular among Kenyan women.

4. Toyota Voxy.

The Toyota Voxy is one of the most popular vehicles in Kenya, especially among women, but it is sometimes misunderstood for the Toyota Noah. The majority of the positive feedback comes from the female gender, who appreciates the roominess and ease of use. While the Noah and the Voxy are very similar in appearance, the latter is generally preferred due to its superior comfort.

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