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Road Accident

Driving mistakes To Avoid at all Costs While Driving an Automatic transmission Vehicle.

In this article today, let's discuss the five common Mistakes that should be avoided at all costs while driving.

1. Taking turn and changing speed.

Drivers should never even attempt to take turn or change speed when the car is at a high speed. Always slow down to turn to avoid causing accidents.

2. Starting the car when parking.

Automatic transmission Vehicle drivers should always keen when starting their cars. When the engine is off the lever is always at the letter P. Always remember to shift the gear to the letter D and release the brake to start your car engine safely.

3. Keeping the fuel tank low.

An automatic transmission Vehicle largely depends on fluid pressure. A driver should thus always ensure that his or her car fuel tank is always full before starting any journey.

4. Driving hard without warning up the engine.

This can lead to a serious internal damage of the car engine especially in the morning hours when the weather is cold. At cold weather the oil thickens and flow slowly. You should therefore give the engine some time to warm.

The last mistake we gonna discuss today is switching into parking mode before stopping the car.

This is another serious mistake committed by stupid drivers.this mistake can easily lead to the breaking of the locking pin in the gear box.

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