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The Exact Meaning Of The Letters L R D And N In The Gearshift Of A Car

an automatic car is an automobile with an automatic transmission that doesn't require a driver to shift gears manually. Transmissions, also known as gearboxes, help to direct the rotational force and speed of a car. Therefore, automatic transmissions switch gear ratios as the vehicle moves

Cars are some of the greatest machines we have around. Funny enough, some people can drive but can't define the exact meaning of letters on the gearshift. Some could take them too common but the letters have meanings. See what they mean exactly.

The N stands for neutral and it's main role is to disengage the engine from the wheels. It's use when the car is on motion to separate the working engine from rotating the wheels further.

The P is for parking and it's majorly placed at such when the car is at rest before the pulling the handbrake. It helps the car remains at the same position. D means drive and the vehicle will stamoving immediately you place the gear level at it. R I'd foe reverse which the backward movement of the car. When the vehicle needs to move backwards, it's placed at that to move so.

L stands for low gear which is 1 and 2. They help minimize fuel consumption hence lower power output to the car. Lower gears will have the least ability to not only move fast but also move along with load.

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