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Steps to drive a manual car

step 1: for turn on the car push in the clutch

All the way while turning the key.

step 2: for set off, push inhe clutch and select first gear.

step 3: now slowly let out the clutch and give it the gas.

step 4: to do a hill start, put on the hand break.

step 5: put it in gear and it give gas While letting out clutch.

step 6: take off the hand break and go.

step 7: to change between any gear, put the clutch in and change the gear.

step 8: let out the clutch slowly and give it gas.

step 9: to get better mileage, Change gear at a lower rpm.

step 10: to take off fast, build up the revs with the clutch in and first gear selected.

step 11: let out the clutch as fast as possible while putting the gas in all the way.

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