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How to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle

When buying a car, most people consider reliability, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. These three factors are important as they will determine whether you remain rich or become poor. Since the price of fuel is ever increasing, it is advisable to go for a vehicle that consumes less fuel.

Even if you go for the most fuel-efficient car in the world, it is important to note that fuel efficiency is determined by your driving habits. Below are some ways to increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

1. Avoid turning on your AC unit.

Most modern cars come with an air conditioning unit to help the driver and passengers feel comfortable. If you are not using the AC, it is advisable to turn it on as it will reduce your fuel consumption. The air conditioning systems increases the fuel consumption by 20%.

2. Do not drive too fast or too slow.

If you want to save some fuel, you should drive at speeds between 50km/h to 90 km/h. Driving at lower speeds will consume more fuel since the low gears are initiated.

3. Do not idle for long.

If you are stuck in a traffic jam or you are waiting for someone at the side of the road, I would advise you to switch off your engine. Even though your vehicle might not be moving, it is still utilizing fuel to keep the engine running.

4. Reduce the load in your vehicle.

If you want to ensure you get the perfect fuel economy, you should not carry what you do not need. Research has proven that any additional 50kg in your decreases your vehicle's fuel efficiency by 2%.

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