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Cars That Are Cheap To Buy But Expensive To Maintain

If you are afraid of purchasing a car because of the retail price, you are not ready to purchase a car. This is because you should not be very worried about the retail price of a vehicle. Instead, you should be worried about the maintenance costs of the car. If you buy a car and you are not able to maintain it, you will have wasted your money as you will have to sell the car at a throwaway price.

Below are some cars that are cheap to purchase but expensive to maintain.

1. Volvo V40.

The Volvo V40 is a luxurious family vehicle that was produced from 2012 to 2019. It has a stylish and appealing design. Even though you can always get it at a good price in Kenya, you might regret the maintenance costs. This is because its spares are super expensive. If you are to purchase the seals alone, you will end up paying about 19,000 Kenyan shillings for the 1600cc engine.

2. BMW 116i.

If you are a fan of hot hatches, you might have probably fallen in love with the BMW 116i. This is because it is a fantastic car with a fabulous interior. It is also cheap as you can get one for as low as Ksh 600,000. Despite being cheap, you have to be very rich to own one. This is because the maintenance cost is super expensive. One of the factors that contribute to that is the difference in the size of the rear and front wheels.

3. Toyota Avensis.

The Toyota Avensis is not that popular in Kenya. This means that it has a good retail price as it is not overpriced or overrated. Despite its reliability, its engine is quite expensive to maintain. Even though it comes in a diesel and petrol version, both engines have proven expensive to maintain as they fail regularly.

Source: carnversations.

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Kenya Volvo V40


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