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Norway's Wireless Charging Roads

As electric vehicles become more prominent,charging capacity is becoming more of an issue. Norway has come up with a clever and more efficient method for it's fleet of Taxis called Electricity.

The country has already required all new cars sold from 2025 to be electric. It intends to build an entire emission free taxi service. The taxis would be charged wirelessly through taxi lane as the taxi is waiting to be hired. There would be no need of a charger to plug in or out.

The charging will take place through a process called electromagnetic induction. When an electric current is sent through a coil(charging plates), it creates a magnetic field whose action generates another electric current in a second coil( receiver in the taxi)that's some distance away. To facilitate the charging, charging plates have to be installed under the road where the taxis will be parking up. The receiver would be located in each Taxi and would allow upto 75kw charge.

Electric cars are much greener than the petrol cars. Norway having the highest rate of electric car ownership in the world, has green electricity from their wind and hydro energy.

At the heart of the program is Fortum Charge and Drive Company. The company is a long time collaborator with Norway's Taxi industry. The particular focus on ease of infrastructure would be involved in the earliest part of this project.

The first active step would involve the installation of charging stations outside capital city Osla. The process is relatively slow as digging up of the road and also all taxis need to be set up for charging.

" Taxis will be able to drive upto the charger and a wireless charging session will automatically start", Annika Hoffner, head of the project said. "This allows the taxis to charge in place where they would otherwise be waiting for new customers. The difference is that they won't be emitting any exhaust, instead they will be receiving renewable energy to charge the taxis battery".

Source youtube by Tech vision

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