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Toyota Ractis Vs Subaru Trezia Which one is the best

Toyota Ractis

The Toyota Ractis began its production in the year 2005. It replaced Toyota Funcargo that discontinued in the year 2005. The Ractis is bigger in size and even better, more luxurious, and efficient.

The Ractis has more space coverage. It is all thanks to the high roof and ability to flat fold the backseats. This is to create more cargo space and this all proves to be unbeatable.

Subaru Trezia

Subaru Trezia looks weird. It is considered small however it is much bigger than the others in its segment. Subaru Trezia is a hatchback. It moreover promises to offer impressive off road skills and there are certain looks in the model which are quite unique.

Toyota Ractis vs Subaru Trezia: Interior & Exterior

Ractis Back View

Toyota Ractis Side View

Ractis Dashboard

Toyota Ractis Interior

The Toyota Ractis is a 5 seater hatchback model. It has only second row seats no third row there. It is quite a comfortable car. This is one of the reasons for its immense popularity. It has a high roof and a big cabin space is an add on for many people who are looking to buy it for business as well as for family use.

It has huge leg space and headspace and both are unequaled in the hatchback. In addition to it has a lot of cabin storage for mobile phones books and other small items.

Trezia Back View

Subaru Trezia Side View

Trezia Dashboard

Subaru Trezia Interior

You are only going to see the biggest change when you pull the Trezia apart. However you may go to feel when you drive the same. This model is somewhere based on the Impreza. It is built on a new platform.

The Subaru Trezia dimension reveals a 30 mm expansion in a wheelbase to 2635 mm and a 20mm increase in width to 1800mm. The height is 1615mm and it is 15mm longer at 4465 mm. The found clearance stays the same at a high for the class 220 mm.

Toyota Ractis vs Subaru Trezia: Engine

Toyota Ractis Engine

On average, the previous models of Toyota Ractis are available in two engine types: 1.3-liter 2SZ engines and the 1.5 liters 1 NZ engine. The latter one is available for the four wheeler drive options and the former for the two wheeler drive options. The two wheeler drive is one of the most popular and is a front wheel drive.

Subaru Trezia Engine

The Subaru Trezia and another hatchback generally have the same engine size and it is 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol. It is an overhauled version of the previous model which makes 5kw more for a total of 115kW and the same 196Nm of torque. There is no such major increment in horsepower here.

The manual gearbox option has been dropped from the Subaru. This clearly indicates there is now a continuously variable transmission automatic.

The manual gearbox has now been dropped from the Trezia line up which means all now have a continuously variable automatic transmission. The best part is Subaru has a great design and more prominent shifting built in for more of a kick as you accelerate. The bad part is it’s still a CVT along with underwhelming acceleration.

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