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Things to check before starting your car

1)check the fluids: engine oil , coolant and brake fluid

To make sure that your vehicle is in top shape you will have to check the main fluids engine oil, coolant and brake fluid. you must do it after the the vehicle has been turned off for a short while and it must be parked on a horizontal plane.

2) maintenance of your fuel tank

The first time you have to refuel after your car being parked for a while,we recommend that you use better quality, higher octane fuel,as a matter of fact, using a premium quality fuel will help the vehicle to eliminate residual substance that might have accumulated while the vehicle was not being used.

3) check battery

Oddly enough, vehicle consume energy even when they are completely off. for instance one of devices that continues to operate when the vehicle is switched off is the anti_theft alarm. The battery can be included among the most delicate components of a car and, therefore it requires more care and maintenance than other parts. without a battery, it is very difficult to start an engine.

4)car washing

A complete car wash will help you to prevent damages on your car's paint as for example, those caused by bird droppings, given the current post covid_19 situation new measures and practices have become necessary to achieve health safety , both in the interior or the exterior of a vehicle.A meticulous sanitization of the vehicle is to be performed as often as possible.

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