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Unusual Car Tricks Only Advanced Drivers Share That Use Household Items

A lot of car problems can be solved with a bit of creativity. Every car owner has a standard set of items in their glove compartment and trunk: sunglasses, a soft tissue, a spare wheel, and other things of that nature. But sometimes, these items may not be helpful enough for what you need.

These car hacks are clever, easy, and efficient, and they can save you from a tight spot. Learn why having kitty litter in your car can be so convenient and how you can use household items like coke and socks to get your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Use a rubber band to hold up your phone. If you need to use your phone GPS but lack a holder, you can quickly make a quick shift one with items lying around your house. You will need a tight paper clip. Start by tying the rubber band through the Ac vent and use the paper clip to pull the bar back out. Finally, place the band around your phone. The band will be tight enough to hold the phone without sliding off.

Use toothpaste for headlights. Headlights made from polycarbonate or plastic can get distinct cloudiness. Thankfully a toothpaste can help remove the fogginess by applying on the lights, scrubbing with a brush, and rinsing with water.

Trying to clear foggy windscreen can take precious time in your morning routine. Driving with foggy windows can also be dangerous. An easy trick is to fill a sock with cat litter and place it in the car overnight. The litter absorbs moisture, and your windows will be clear by morning.

Remove rust with coke. Coca-Cola contains a large amount of phosphoric acid that removes rust. You can also use a plunger for minor dents to pull out the dented part. 

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