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Know Why Trucks Carry Only Two Rolls of Steel

Members of the public precisely the social media users has reacted differently following an online discussion on the reason why trucks usually carry only two rolls of steel.

The discussion popped up after a picture of a long truck with only two rolls of steel on board leading to funny and various reasons of the behaviour. On this article, I want to disclose the reason behind this.

Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) manufacturing plant in Athi River, Machakos County.

Every vehicle has a towing capacity which is very important for one to know the capacity of the vehicle or the truck towing the rolls. For a truck, the towing capacity is the maximum weight the vehicle can tow and is a combination of the total weight of the trailer plus the maximum gross weight of the loaded truck minus the truck’s curb weight.

Another vital weight to note is the tongue weight of the trailer since you have to account for the weight of this part of the trailer in the truck’s payload and it's normally about ten to fifteen percent of the trailer's weight.

Thus means you must calculate the trailer's unladen weight, add the weight of the load, and then calculate 15% of this figure. You then remove this 15 per cent from your maximum payload.

In conclusion the rolled steel is much heavier than it may appear to be and a truck can only carry two rolls to be on the range of its towing capacity to avoid exceeding which may leadto accidents.

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