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5 Cheap Cars That Will Make You Look Super Rich

We all want to be in that position of moving around town while swinging your car keys from one had to the other as if your pocket or handbag can't accommodate them.

For long, owning a car has been viewed as a luxury but nowadays, it is becoming more of necessity.

Gone are the days when owning a vehicle used to be an extremely expensive affairs. Today, you can literally buy whichever car you desire due to the availability of different financing options.

As they say in every market, there are available goods for everyone depending on one's pocket. If you are one of those people who have a taste for expensive looking cars but your poverty or wealth level doesn't allow you to own them, don't mind.

Today, let's look at very affordable vehicles that are classy and will make you look like a rich kid.

1.Toyota RMS Convertible (2004 model)

This car is extremely posh looking from both it's interior and exterior design. The fact that's a convertible alone makes you look like one of those balers in the rich neighborhoods.

The car is a six speed manual transmission, it's a 2-seater capacity vehicle which you can enjoy driving your significant other around.

It also has 1.8 litre engine and can accelerate from 0-100km/hr speed in around 7.5 seconds. It produces 140 horsepower and 170 pounds of torque.

To get all that, you just need to part with around Ksh600,000- Ksh700,000 only.

2.BMW 320I (2007 model)

This is a sedan model which has a carrying capacity of five. It has a 2-litre engine and accelerates from 0-100 in around 8 seconds.

This classy car has 6 speed manual transmission, a horse power of 180 and produces 200 pounds of torque.

If you shop around, you can get this piece of gem for around Ksh 700,000.

3.Lexus IS 250

If you want to own this car at a crazily low budget, you's have to settle for the 2006 sedan model. However, it's classy look and reliability will leave you writhing in pride.

It's so affordable that you can get it for around Ksh 700,000.

This salon comes with All Wheel Drive (AWD) or a rear wheel drive and a 2.5 cc engine. It also has a 6 manual transmission, produces 204 horsepower and around 250 pounds of torque.

4.Toyota Mark X (2008 model)

As you might have expected, this 4-door sedan wouldn't have missed from this list. This Mark X gives you 260 pounds of torque and 256 horsepower.

It has a 2.5cc engine which accelerates from 0-100 km/hr in as quick as 10.6 seconds. It has a 5 speed auto transmission and for as low as Ksh 550,000, you can be a proud owner of this beauty.

5.Nissan Skyline 250GT

Here, were are talking about the 2009 model which is also a 5-seater with a petrol engine capacity of 2.5 litres.

It is one of the fastest cars in its category since it accelerates from 0-100 in just 7.6 seconds. The car also produces 263 pounds of torque with a horsepower of 225.

This salon also has a 5 speed automatic transmission. You can acquire the Skyline for around Ksh 600,000.

Content created and supplied by: MeghanNimmoh (via Opera News )


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