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Price of a Brand New Range Rover in Kenya and Fuel it Consumes in 100km

Range Rover has been the most coveted vehicle in Kenya for a long time. This is always a dream car for most Kenyans. It is a good car. Good in design, comfort, speed and many other good qualities you would prefer in vehicles. This vehicle, despite being most people's dream, is so expensive. It also consumes too much fuel.

This vehicle is both expensive in price and maintenance. Depending on the model, trim and currency rate during the time of purchase, a brand new Range Rover Sport will cost between Ksh 18 million and Ksh 22 million.

A brand new Range Rover Vogue will cost between Ksh 20 million to Ksh 23 million. A brand new Range Rover Velar costs between Ksh 22 million to Ksh 25 million. This is the cost of the vehicle only without any maintenance fee.

It is important to note that Range Rovers are among the huge fuel consumers. It matters less whether it is an aristocrat with a long body or a hardcore sports car. They all use unleaded petrol and consumes an average of 12.8 litres per 100km. However, the fuel consumption may rise to 18 litres per 100 km if there is constant acceleration. This means that for those who love travelling, the cost of petrol one can use in this vehicle for one year may be something close to the price of the vehicle.

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