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The price of a used and brand new Toyota Hiace in Kenya

Toyota Hiace is one of the most popular vehicles in Kenya. This is due to its dominance in the matatu sector. Since most towns in Kenya do not have a good road network suitable for buses, most business men prefer to use the Toyota Hiace for transporting people between short distances. This is because the vehicles are smaller compared to buses hence they fill up quickly therefore saving more time and money.

A Toyota Hiace comes in two versions i.e the commuter deluxe with 12 seats and the cargo version. The most common version in kenya is the commuter deluxe as it is very convenient for the public transport business.

Depending on where you are located and the state of the vehicle, a used Toyota Hiace will cost you a minimum of ksh750,000. On the other hand, a brand new Toyota Hiace will cost you about three million Kenyan shillings.

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