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Why you Should Think Twice Before Leasing Your Car To A Car Hire Company.

Owning a car in kenya us a privilege. This is because cars are very expesnie to acquire and maintain especially with the tough economic times.

If you own a car and you do not have money or you need an income generating opportunity, there are chances thay you kight opt to lease your car to car hire companies. This is because they will promose you a specified amount of money for a particular period.

Below are some reasons why you should think twice before taking the deal.

1. You car is never safe.

The moment you decide ti lease you car to a car hire company, you will have compromised it as you will have to disclose all the security features that you have put in place. This means that theives might find it easy to steal your car especially after hiring it for sometime.

2. Your car maybe abused.

When you decide to lease your car to a hire company, chances are that they will offer to maintain your vehicle for you. This is because they need to gain your trust. Even though this may prove efficient for you, there are high chances that you may get your car in a poor state than you had leased it. This is because most car hire companies are after money and they will only service your vehicle when they believe that it has developed some serious problems. This may not be very healthy for your car.

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