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Fuel Saving Tips for Motorbikes

Motorbike population to be on the rise in recent years across the world. Besides being used to generate income motorbikes also come in handy for adventure. Here are tips for ensuring maximum mileage on fuel.

Constant speeds

Random acceleration and deceleration puts more strain on the engine .This forces the rider to use low gears which tend to consume more fuel as compared to high gears.

Refuel in the morning

This is where some knowledge of liquid properties comes to application. We all know that liquids tend to become denser when the temperature is low this also applies to the motor world ,always fuel in the morning to ensure maximum value for your wallet's content.

Avoid overloading

Carrying luggage increases the weight of the motorbike which in turn increases engine strain as a lot of energy will be required to move about and increases fuel consumption as low gears have high torque.

Proper tire pressure

Tire pressure should be adjusted according to drive terrain ,when riding on highways use maximum pressure as per the motorbikes user manual ,under inflated tires should only be used when dealing with muddy terrain since they offer more grip but consume more fuel .

Ride at average speeds

Motorbikes have poor aerodynamics, you should ride at average speeds since drag created on a motorbike is directly proportional to speed in short more drag=to more fuel.

Rev matching

It is believed that the highest gear offers the most mileage on fuel but this only works when going downhill or riding on a flat terrain. Whenever you feel the motorbike going slower get ready to down shift the gears to improve fuel efficiency.

Regular servicing

When the bike is in good condition it offers the best performance. Ensure that your air filter is clean and all moving parts are greased.

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