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The Cost Purchasing A Car In Kenya Through Uganda

Several Kenyans have always dreamed of importing their cars to Kenya through Uganda. This is because the cost of cars in Uganda is relatively low and the taxes incurred are also low.

Even though the price of cars in Uganda might seem cheaper than that of cars in Kenya, you might have to think twice when purchasing a car in Uganda so that you can use it in Kenya. This is because you cannot use foreign number plates on Kenyan roads without paying for them.

Since paying to use foreign number plates in Kenya might be costly, one might opt to change the number plate of the vehicle from Ugandan to Kenyan. Even though this might look like the easiest option, it might not be as cheap as it may seem.

This is because you will have to adhere to the seven-year importation rule meaning that the vehicle you are purchasing should have been manufactured from 2015 onwards.

Apart from that, you will have to ensure that the vehicle is deregistered in its country of origin so that it can be registered in Kenya. You will also have to pay some tax for the vehicle which will depend on the current rates. This means that you might have to spend a lot of money on purchasing a car from Uganda to Kenya.

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