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Flying Cars Coming Soon. See The Latest Car Invention That Will Change The Transport Sector Globally

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford motor company once said that a time will come when cars will be flying. 74 years after his death, his words have become a reality. The British Broadcasting Corporation recently announced that their prototype flying car had finished a 35 minute flight test between two major airports.

BBC reported that the flying car named the AirCar is fitted with a BMW engine and runs on normal petrol fuel. Prof. Stefan Klein, the creator of the car said that it is capable of flying for 1000 kilometers at a height of 2500m above the ground and by now had clocked 40 hours hours in the air.

The report given further added that the car takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds to transform from a car to a plane. This is a major breakthrough in the transport sector. Many people look forward to the upcoming of the car. It is our utmost believe that it will help ease the traffic congestion more so on the African roads.

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