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Kenya's First Shs 20M Range Limousine Hearse Spotted In Town

A representative from Delight Funeral Directors confirmed the arrival of luxurious hearse to be hired at a cost of Shs 500,000 per day.

The Range Rover limo spots a maroon colour and has long gull-wing doors that can hold an adult-size hearse. On its rear end, it has swan doors that can sit three people. has twitted.

"The limousine cost around Ksh18 to Ksh20 million. Now, we are charging Ksh500,000, It just landed. The business itself has been around for five years," he told Promising to provide quality services as their slogan dictate.

On its sides, the car has two transparent windscreens covered with curtains.

A Range Rover Limousine Hearse owned by <a class=Delight Funeral Directors"/>

Inside, the luxurious car has a rotational panel on which the coffin sits that is separated from the driver's sit by a board.

Delight Funeral Directors has been in operation in Kenya and Uganda for five years and is acredited of high end fleet of about 60 cars including Landcruiser hearses, a Jaguar Limousine,  Prados that pulls chariots, normal vans, seven seaters hearses and Mercedes Benz hearses.

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