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"Haki Wakenya" See What Was Spotted In This Motorbike That Has Left Kenyans Talking.

Motorbike headlamps are very essential for the safety of a rider especially at night. It serves two important purposes. The headlamps give notice to other road users such as motorists of your presence on the road. The headlamps also illuminate the way at night ensuring safety traveling. There are variety of motorbike headlamps. Most of the headlamps are rated to work efficiently at 12V to produce a power output of between 40W to 60W.

Motor industry is full of modifications to suit various purposes. Motorcycles for example can be modified into a tricycle. A man has left Kenyans talking after his modification of motorbike headlamp.

He has replaced the normal headlamp with home electric bulb on his motorbike. Home electric bulb unlike headlamp are not designed to illuminate over long distance. They cannot also be lowers or raised depending on different road situations.

When this photo was shared in the group, African Motorcycle Diaries,Kenyans reacted differently.

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Haki Wakenya Kenyans


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