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It Is Dangerous to Have a Bubble on the Side of Your Tire

There are a bunch of reasons why there is a bubble on the side of your tire. Note that this indicates a permanent damage to the tire. Is it safe to drive away or not? It's not an emergency but it could be dangerous if you ignore it for too long. It is not something you want on your tire while driving above 80 KM/Hr. Because it could lead to a dangerous tire burst.

Effects of The Bubble

  1. It could lead to tire burst.
  2. It leads to shaking and wobbliness. Hence making the drive very uncomfortable.

What Causes the tire bubble.

The tire bubble comes about when you're driving your vehicle at high speeds and you hit a pothole on the road or a stone. The impact leads to a fracture in the tube of the tire hence causing the air to ooze out. This air accumulates around the area of the fracture.

The bubble could also be caused by;

  1. Driving even for a short distance on deflated tires.
  2. Overloading the car.
  3. Driving too fast over potholes and bumps.

Position of the bubble.

The bubble could be on the tread or on the side of the tire. These two are caused by two different things.

  1. The bubble on the side is caused by impact.
  2. The one on the side wall is caused by a broken tire belt.

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The Bubble


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