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The most reliable SUVs in 2021

Currently, the prices of cars are going up. This is due to the increased demand. Before you decide to buy a car, you need to consider reliability as it is a very important factor. When it comes to reliability, japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan top the list due to their reliable cars. Below are some of the most reliable SUVs in 2021.

1. Mazda CX-9.

The Mazda CX-9 is a midsize SUV that has been in production since 2006. This seven seater is very classy, luxurious, stylish with stunning off-road capabilities. When it comes to reliability, it has a rating of 8.9 out of ten which makes it one of the best SUVs that you can buy. This SUV has a 2.5 L engine that can produce a maximum power of 250hp.

2. Subaru Crosstrek.

If you have owned a Subaru Impreza hatchback then the Subaru Crosstrek might not be that new to you. This is because a Subaru Crosstrek is essentially a raised Subaru Impreza. This subcompact SUV has been in production since 2012 and is very reliable. This vehicle has plenty of room for cargo and passengers and the infotainment controls are straight forward. This vehicle has a 2.5L engine.

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