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Manual Vs Automatic Car : Which Has Better Fuel Economy?

A car's fuel efficiency can be affected by a number of things, including engine problems, poor maintenance, and the driver's behavior (some people use their left foot heavily when accelerating). Different models of vehicles are created to satisfy people's basic necessities.

There are two different models of cars: automatic and manual. While automatic transmission cars allow the driver to select models such as driving, park, reverse, and neutral, the car uses only the gas pedal in automatic transmission cars. Manual cars are designed for people who enjoy driving in different modes. These cars allow the driver to shift gears from low to high and also down shifting.

While an automatic transmission uses sensors and continuous variable transmission technology to make a car more fuel-efficient, a manual transmission allows the driver to select the gear that is most comfortable for them to drive in.

Nowadays, manual transmission is chosen for better mountainous terrain and heavy traffic, but automated transmission is recommended for greater control and higher maintenance expenses.

The average fuel consumption of a popular model of the Toyota Probox minivan is 15 kilometers per liter for the manual gearbox and 16.5 kilometers per liter for the automatic.

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