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Common Problems With the Nissan March

The Nissan March is also known as The Nissan Micra. It is a subcompact car that has been in production since 1982. Currently, it is in its fifth generation which has been on the production line since 2016.

The Nissan March is a reliable car that has gained popularity in the taxi industry. It is powered by a 900cc petrol engine or a 1500cc diesel engine paired to an Xtronic CVT transmission.

When it comes to efficiency, the Nissan March is not as reliable as it has some problems. The main problem with the Nissan March is CVT failure.

CVT failure in Nissan cars is not a new thing. The Nissan March is prone to CVT failure due to overheating of the gearbox which is fuelled by an insufficient cooling system.

Most people tend to look for aftermarket coolers to try and prevent their CVT transmissions from failing. However, this method has not proved very effective.

Apart from the CVT issues, I do not think that there are any major issues with the Nissan March. If you maintain your March we'll, you may not complain about unreliability.

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