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Excellent: See The Luxurious Car Made By 22 University Students Capable of Moving Without Stopping

Technology has taken world by storm, thus people are trying all the possibilities to make life more sustainable. In connection to that, 22 students from university based in Netherlands, Eindhoven University of Technology built a wonderful 'self sustaining house on wheels' that has a large solar panel fitted to its rooftop and is entirely powered by energy from the sun.

The Car is fully equipped with the luxurious fittings that one would require in a car. For instance, the car boasts double bed, sofa, sink and a toilet that can comfortably fit two people who drive, watch television, Cook using the solar. What amazing! In addition, according to CNN, the vehicle which is named 'Stella Vita' covered 2000 Km without stopping for fuel or plugging in to charge. Indeed this car is a good solution to fuel crisis in countries.

According to the innovators, they wanted to show people and companies what is already possible. Thus, this was the tweet posted by CNN concerning the amazing car.

Of course this wonderful idea left many people with something to say and below are some of people's reaction concerning the amazing car.

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Cook Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands


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