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How to Save Fuel Using This Feature in Your Vehicle

As we speak, or rather as you read this, there's a heated debate in the country regarding the price of fuel that is running faster than Omanyala's speed, with a a litre of petrol retailing at between Ksh 134-142 in different towns.

This has sparked an uproar as an increase in fuel results to an increase in everything worth a coin in this country.

And when you speak about fuel, car owners, personal or business ones, are always the worst hit since the changes affect them directly.

Today, we educate a few lucky motorists whose cars have a feature than enables them to save a bit of the fuel in their tanks and these are the Honda owners.

Let's look at whether the Honda's Economy Mode really saves fuel and if it does, in what way.

On to that matter, the straight answer is YES, the economy mode does conserve some fuel as explained below based on experience.

When you engage Econ Mode, a green leaf icon appears on your dashboard to let you know that you are now on econ Mode.

What the econ Mode software does on your car's ECU (computer) is altering a few things to make sure that fuel consumption is minimised. There are two main ones that largely influence performance.

1: Throttle response - When you are on econ mode in a Honda, you realise that it slowly peaks up speed. This is because, for the computer to ensure reduced fuel consumption, it reduces the rate of acceleration.

2: Gear shifts: Econ mode minimises unnecessary downshifting. Low gears give you more power or torque but on the flipside the vehicle uses up more fuel. What the Honda Economy Mode software does is ensuring that the vehicle drives on the highest gear possible unless you necessarily need some low end torque. This makes your car feel slower than normal.

There are some instances when you need to disengage econ mode or when it does not make sense to have econ mode on.

1. When you are overtaking: for this maneuvers especially on Kenyan roads, most of the times you will need maximum power.

2. When carrying heavy luggage.

3. When driving on hilly terrain.

The above instances require your vehicle to have significant power whereas econ mode limits performance.

Therefore, for Honda owners, or those who are panning to own one of those models, you can save your fuel by engaging the Economy Mode and using it properly.

Content created and supplied by: MeghanNimmoh (via Opera News )


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