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Why Women Love Nissan Juke

Nissan Motor Cooperation in Japan produces the Nissan Juke, a sporty utility vehicle with five seats. As a replacement for the Nissan Micra, production began in 2010 and will end in 2019. Juke is a Latin American term for a curved entity that is derived from the Japanese name Jiku. The Nissan Juke has more room, is more technologically advanced, and has more traditional styling. It also has good handling. In Europe, Asia, and Africa, including Kenya, Nissan Juke has gained more market share. A five speed automatic transmission is standard on the Nissan Juke's 1.3 and 1.5 liter gasoline engines. You can choose between front engine, front drive, and front engine, four wheel drive for the engines.

The Nissan Juke attracts more women because its maintenance costs are marginally lower than those of other vehicles that are popular with men. The Nissan Juke's appealing body structure, performance with an average fuel consumption of 18 km/l, durability, and low and reasonable maintenance costs are the key reasons why most women adore it.

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