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5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Today, we're going to take all the favorite routes of the Daredevil with the death wish. These are the most treacherous roads that have humbled everly goes vertical inducing mountain passes isolated dirt and gravel roads that are pretty gnarly conditions and crazy winding roads and your driving skills to the test.

1.Patiopoulo-perdikaki-road, Greece 

It's located in the northeastern part of Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece. This is a narrow surface road that is bedeviled with large bumps and dreadful potholes, these loads and potholes and bumps not only make her the most uncomfortable ride on this roadway, but they also have vehicles to choke up on the steep climbs being mostly unpaved, you can imagine how dangerous it is driving on this narrow and sneaky dirt road, and it gets very slippery when it rains, the clay surface becomes a big month blanket, which is why every vehicle passing through. Over and above that the area is prone to mist and fog, which can be quite dense driving in the low visibility conditions becomes a problem, causing numerous perils that are reported each year, when dairy drivers challenge themselves to deadly throws. This route has humbled even the most daring and confident drivers. So, unless you're an adrenaline junkie. You might want to cancel your trip to this road for now.

Patiopoulo-perdikaki-road in Greece ©

2.Killar-pangi Road, India

Road only for daredevils and drivers with nerves of steel is rocky mountain passes India's most dangerous road. It's a 114 kilometer roadway built by the locals hundreds of years ago. It is however only usable during summers and snowfall renders the road impassable and leaves the tanky valley completely isolated for months, the roadway is in bad shape is only about as wide as the cards with the wrong move could send the vehicle 760 meters down a vertical drop the absence of a guardrail slippery mud, vertical cliffs dangerously overhanging rocks at every turn, make this apparently dirt gravel route look more terrifying. Winters are particularly hazardous even a thin layer of snow on the roadway.

Above, photo showing Killar-pangi road in India ©

3. Zojila Pass, India

This incredible narrow mountain pass in the Himalayas, is located at a stupefying 3500 metres above sea level. But anyone who's been near will tell you it is not the place for our joy, being the second pass in the world. The Zojila is reckoned to be one of the most gnarly passes in the world, but the terrifying draft loss and absence of barriers on the road are not the only things given old drivers the willies. Not only is the narrow driveway tricky to maneuver, but it's also not uncommon for large herds of cattle to block traffic on the road with no way to turn around drivers have to stop and wait until all the livestock can safely pass through and continue their journey

Above, photo showing Zojila pass in India ©

4.Tianmen Mountain Road, China

The road has 99 sharp turns on its way up Tianmen Mountain, rising from 200 to 1,300 metres above sea level ,also called the road to the sky. The tainmen road has been ambiguously described as being both the most beautiful and imposing road in the world, as well as the world's most dangerous road here. Each turn a head is more dangerous than the last. And misjudging a single turn could mean certain death. Above, photo showing Tianmen mountain road in China © BBC

5.Guoliang Tunnel, China

It is located in Henan Province of China and was constructed to provide access to a remote village at the top of the mountain. This is not an easy way up the tunnels that makes the roads a year four meter width carved by hand, along the side of a mountain route passes through intervals and roughly pillars, which, although not entirely safe, are the only things keeping cars from plummeting, the tunnels twists, turns and slippery blind spots made for tight driving that is sure to leave any drivers fine. Even though the local shank either way easily through the tunnels. Don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy drive up the steep incline proves to be too much, even for a skilled driver who's not familiar with the road. Above, photo showing Guoliang Tunnel in China ©

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Aetolia-Acarnania Daredevil Greece


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