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Fascinating Photos of World's First Ever Transparent Car

With the advancement of technology, we expect new car models to be manufactured. Car manufacturers will be able to produce transparent cars in the future.

The first transparent car in the world was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car was built by TRW automobiles. The company believes cars will be installed with enhanced safety systems to protect the driver and passengers. This is the first-ever transparent car built by TRW automobiles.

The company wanted for the people to take a look at all of those advanced airbags, brand new braking systems, as well as new steering products. The car also has many sensors that collect data around the whole vehicle thus improving the safety of its users.

The car is also installed with an upgraded seat belt system that is enhanced to improve the driver in case of a clash. Check out photos of this fascinating car brand below.

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Frankfurt Motor TRW


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