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Inside Donald Trump's The Beast And Secret Features Making It The Safest Car Ever (Photos)

Donald Trump’s presidential state car is one of the most coveted cars in the world. 

The car better known as The Beast has some unique features that make it the safest car ever. 

The new Beast launched in 2018 costs 1.2 million and it is worth its price.

Below are some of the photos of the inside of the limousine, and some of the unique features it holds.

The Beast weighs the same as Boeing 757, approximately 127,000 pounds.

Its windows are built with up to five layers of glass and polycarbonate and do not open. The driver’s window opens only by less than three inches.

The whole body is bullet proof, can withstand bombs and fully sealed to protect against chemical attack. 

It can still move even when tires are damaged through the help of steel rims. But tires are puncture resistant.

The inside apart from accommodating up to more than five people, has bags of president’s rhesus negative blood.

There are also short guns, teargas grenade launchers, fire-fighting system, smoke dispensers, panic button and satellite phone amongst other secret features all from the inside.

Content created and supplied by: KMutai (via Opera News )

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