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Road Accident

Car Modifications That Are Illegal in Kenya but You Will See on Kenyan Roads on a Daily Basis

Buying a car in Kenya is considered a sign of wealth and success. This is mainly because cars are expensive to acquire and maintain. After purchasing a car, some people tend to add extra amenities for their vehicles to look stylish and very comfortable. When doing the modifications, you really need to be careful so as not to break the law as you might attract some charges. Below are some of the illegal car modifications in Kenya.

1. Hiding the number plate.

The number plate is the main identification for a vehicle. Therefore, all vehicles are required to have clearly visible number plates. Even though this is the case, you will always find some individuals trying to hide the numberplates or trying to modify them so that they cannot be easily recognized.

2. Bull bars.

If you have an SUV or a pickup then you are likely to get a bull bar for your vehicle. This is because bull bars give vehicles a mean look. However, bull bars are illegal even though it's is not effected. This is because they increase the mortality rate incase of an accident where a car fitted with a bull bar is involved.

3. Tinting windows.

For a private car there is no big deal in tinting your car windows. However when it comes to public transport vehicles, they are not supposed to tint their windows as doing so might suggest that they are upto something illegal.

4. LED light bars.

This is also another modification that makes the car looks mean. Most people like to install these lights since they are likely to drive at night on roads with no lights. Even though this increases visibility. This lights can easily cause accidents as they might blind the driver of an oncoming vehicle causing him or her to crash. Even though having this lights does not necessarily mean that you might be fined, using them wrongfully might cause harm to your life.

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