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Painfully Reasons Why More Truck Drivers Are Quiting Their Jobs

The production and movement of goods and services from the producer to the consumers is complete when we have food infrastructures. Consumers are able to get services and goods after they have been transported to where they can reach them. Drivers are sacrificing their comfort relationship and time to ensure constant supply of goods and services. Truck drivers are going through loneliness as they perform their duties. Some of them have lost friends and families due to their constant absenteeism.

Barry Davies who is a lorry driver in England has a painful story. His first wife left him together with their three children they had together. The main reason why she left him is because of constant absenteeism. The second wife did the same. Davis did not lose hope. He married the thirth, fourth, fiftth and sixth wife but all of them left him because of the nature of his work.

The Painful moment for Davis was when his thirth wife died of diabetes while he was in Spain. He had hard time to drive the truck from Spain to England after receiving the news about his wife. “It was the hardest, loneliest drive I’ve ever done,” he said.

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