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Highway Through A Building In Japan

Osaka is Japan's second metropolitan area located in the heart of Konsai City. Not far from the station, lies one of the world's most amazing building called the Gate Tower building. The gate tower building is a skyscraper that allows the highway to pass through it

The Hanshin express way is a 149 miles network of express way running around the cities of Osaka,Kobe and Kyoto. The highways most unique feature is a small section of the road that passes through through the three floors of the buildings that is 5,6 and 7.

The highway has noise proof walls and flooring to ensure employees who work in the building won't be less productive due to rumbling of passing vehicles.

The reason as to why the road is like that. It is because there was a dispute between the local land owners and the government in the early 1980's . The government wanted to construct the road while the owners wanted to build a skyscraper. For 5 years they fought in court until the end of those 5 years when they agreed to have a lasting solution. This led to change in city and highway planning laws to incorporate the unified development of highways and building in the same space.

The elevators run on the outside of the building so they can easily pass by the road. The highway is held up on pillars which were designed to complement the facade of building. Office employees don't have to worry about the car noise.

The Gate Tower building is a wonderful example of how radically new and interesting can come about when people actually work together.

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