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The 5 Richest Car Companies In The World.

In the world there are different large car Companies that manufacturer different types of cars. Some of this companies we know them and we even have cars from those companies. Some are popular some are not, some are richest companies while some are just richer. For this reason i decided to write this amazing article and share information about this most richest car companies in the world.

1. Hyundai motor company.

This is the South Korean Company and it is one of the most popular brands worldwide. This company was found in the year 1967, this company built it's goodwill for the quality of their cars and the affordable prices. This company made a sales revenue of $87 last year. The value of this rich car company is $25 billion.

2. Ferrari motor company.

This amazing italian car make over took the demand and likes to Nissan and the flat and took its position from the top 10 richest car companies. This the only company which is depending strictly on the low-volume, high price business model. The value of this car company Is $29 Billion.

3. Ford motor company.

In the year 2008, the total revenue generated by this car company was $148 Billion. In fact , as per the research, the gross sale of ford in the same year was 37 times greater than ferrari. This is an American Company and it gave tough competition to renowned brands such as Ferrari the profit margin of this company is of 1.4 percent.The value of this company is $36 Billion.

4. Tesla motor company.

The Electric Car Manufacturer surely handled some loses but it still managed to be in the list of the richest car companies , Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk is a brilliant and bold personality. He has already proven erratic and unreliable, despite all of this the production of the car of this company still trades largely and it shares trade for the 56 times expected forward income. The value of this company is $39 Billion.

5. BMW motor company.

This company was founded in the year 1916, it was founded in the city of Germany, Munich. This company never fails to capture it's position in the list of the richest car companies, the company generate the annual value of $107 the previous year. And the price sales ratio was 0.4, the value of this company is $42 Billion.

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