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Road Accident

Deadly Accident on Eastern Bypass as Toyota NZE Bursts Into Flames After Head on Collision With V8

A terrible accident occured on the Eastern Bypass last night between a Toyota Landcruiser V8 and a Toyota NZE. The NZE burst into flames after the accident and it's unclear how many lives were lost.

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Kenyan roads have become increasingly dangerous for motorists as they're urged to maintain some level of decorum. Obey all traffic rules to avoid such unnecessary accidents and loss of lives.

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Easter Bypass has been in the news in recent days with vehicles causing some serious accidents on this busy road. The accident occured at around 12AM last night with the explosion following up.

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Explosions in cars in an accident are usually caused by faulty wiring in the car which ignites the motorvehicle upon impact. Kenyans are urged to ensure that their vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to avoid such catastrophes. We hope that there were no casualties in this fiery inferno.

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