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Between BMW X6 And Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Which One Would You Go For in Terms of Safety And Class ?

The G wagon is a proper off-roading vehicle which can handle any off-road conditions. Despite being a luxury car, it's equipped with low range gear and locking differentials and with proper suspensions, you can fit off-road tyres. If you own the BMW X6, please never attempt to take it off-road. It only has 4 wheel drive and nothing else. There is no differentials locks, no low range gear and has normal tyres. That means if you encounter slippery surface or slope, you will definitely stick there. Also most of its components are built like a normal sedan meaning that an encounter with hard potholes can inflict serious injuries to the vehicle. The two vehicles don't have a big difference when it comes to price.  

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is definately a beast in terms of overall performamce as compared to the BMW X6. Actually, the mercedes car that fits an overall comparison with the X6 is the AMG GLE Class. Therefore, in terms of class and safety, the G-Wagon super classic is better. It looks very executive.

Between BMW X6 And Mercedes Benz G- Wagon Which One Would You Go For in Terms of Safety And Class? Leave your comment here on the comment section. You can share this article to your friends. This will make them learn and participate by giving their own views.

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