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CheckOut The New Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 SUV Owned by Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police Forces (Photos)


The Dubai and Abu Dhabi police forces own one of the most advanced vehicles on the market. The police are given the responsibility of maintaining law and order and therefore they are always facilitated with the best on the market. A few weeks after this latest Toyota Land Cruiser made its debut, it joined the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police car fleets. Among other police vehicles in Dubai, we have the famous Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FF, Bently Continental GT, and Mercedes- Benz/Brabus G700. These are some of the cars used by the police in these two countries to help them discharge their duties well.

These are the most loved vehicles in the middle East. The two forces are known to be owning impressive vehicles in the Arab Emirates and therefore the 2022 Toyota Landcruiser LC300 becomes the latest in their fleet of cars. As seen in the photos, everyone will be expecting the vehicle to have some new features. One of the features of this vehicle is that it has a fingerprint engine start button. This means only the owner can operate or start the engine just the way smartphones operate.

Another feature of this vehicle is that it has the latest new driving modes V-6 engines. This means the car can be driven at a high speed without causing any problem to its parts. When you take a look at the interior design of the car, you will discover that it has a 12.3-inch infotainment screen which is attractive both in its interior and exterior. The Abu Dhabi police also have a fleet of the latest cars including the Lykan Hypersport Police Car. The new Landcruiser will therefore ease their operations as it is counted among their fleet of cars. The Dubai Police was reported to have released its V8 Mercedes- Benz SLS AMG which is a supercar to Italy. It was flown specifically to take part in the Mille Miglia which is a thousand-mile (1,600 kilometers) Classic Car Race.

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