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5 Old Cars that Have Lasted a Lifetime on Kenyan Roads

When one needs to buy a car, the most important factor that most people consider is reliability. Below is a list of some of the cars that have lasted a lifetime on Kenyan roads.

1.Toyota Corona Premio.

If you are interested in buying a reliable car and yet you are on a small tight budget, some people will always advise you to go for the Toyota Premio. This car which is commonly referred to as the "Nyoka" is very famous in Kenya for its reliability. The main reason why Toyota Premios are overpriced in Kenya is because the first models proved to be very reliable and that is why you can still get an old model Premio for ksh400,000.

2.Volkswagen Beetle.

This car is commonly called the bug. This is because if you take a look at it, it looks like a bug on wheels. This car is a two-door economy car, intended for five occupants. The old versions of the VW Beetle proved to be very reliable and easy to maintain with their air cooled engine. There are still many Beetles in Kenya that are still in top notch condition. Even though the old versions were loved, most Kenyans do not seem to love the new versions of the Volkswagen Beetle.

3.Land rover Defender.

If you go to most government offices that have been in use for the past twenty years, you are likely to find the shell of a Land rover Defender. This is because the government of Kenya seemed to have love for the defenders because of their reliability. Even though there are tons of old Defenders in Kenya, it is very rare to get one in perfect condition for a price lower than one million. This is because these vehicles have proven to be some of the best off-roaders in the world.

4.Toyota Starlet.

Toyota stopped the production of this car in 1999. However, you will always see some people driving a cool looking starlet on Kenyan roads. This is because this car was one of the most practical small cars to be produced by Toyota.

5.Peugeot 504.

No matter which part of Kenya you go to, you will always see someone driving a Peugeot 504 worry free. This is because this cars were very common back in the days and most of our grandfathers were yearning to own them.

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