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Road Accident

Things that you should check in your car regularly to drive safely all the way to your destination.

Most drivers tend to neglect simple things that are extremely important to their cars. The following are the things that you should check time to time before getting your car running on the road.

Oil level.

Most engines consume a lot of oil especially because they contain high mileage or probably due to being driven aggressively. Some cars contain oil sensors which will automatically tell you when the oil levels are down but for those who don't have this kind of feature in their cars might consider checking it out regularly to ensure efficiency and reliability of their cars. If you want to avoid engine damage because of poor lubrication then ensure your car has got enough oil in the tank and spare yourself the cost of replacing your engine.

Coolant level.

Generally, high and low markings on the side of the overflow bottle connected to the cooling system tell you if there's enough coolant in the engine. The coolant level should be between the two marks on the deep stick. Doing checks everyday before embarking on your journey is important because if the engine system is not well cooled then your car is bound to overheat and probably malfunction.

Tire inflation.

Make sure to check your tire pressure at least once in 2-3 months or even sooner. Driving under low pressure tires may have catastrophic impacts on the tire rims, handling of the car and even braking of the car. Under-inflated tires are not the only concern you should be worried about since high pressure in your tires can come with a number of problems associated with it. Make sure you apply the manufacturer's recommended pressure to your tires to make your drive more effective and less damaging to the car.


For the smart cars, it senses exactly which lights went out and need repair but for the ones that are not enabled with this feature be sure to make a check. Check all the lights in the car regularly to make sure you don't make any mistake concerning road safety. You might be assuming that everything is alright and you end up causing a grissy accident because you were not keen concerning the car warning and guiding lights.

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