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Why Used Audi Cars Have Low Resale Values

Audi is one of the best comoanies that specializes in the manufacturer of luxury cars. Even though these vehicles offer high performance and reliability, Audi cars loose upto 50 percent of their values in a span of five years. This means that you can easily buy a used Audi car at a cheaper price compared to a brand new one. Below are some reasons why Audi cars have very low resale values.

1. Cost of repairs.

Buying a used Audi car is not that expensive. However, the expenses only start coming during repairs. Since these vehicles are always luxury cars, they are made with some of the most expensive components that you can find. This contributes in making the cars very expensive to maintain.

2. Technology.

Audi invests more in technology compared to the design. This is because if you take a look at an updated model, you will realize that there has been major improvement in terms of technology and very minimal change on the design. The major reason why the manufacturer does this is to make the car more luxurious and easy to use.

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