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What To Look For When Buying A Pick-Up Truck In Kenya

Pick-up trucks are vehicles that have no roof at the back and are used mainly by farmers. This type of machines are popular in the country because of their versatility and the ability to handle all type of road terrains with ease. Therefore, to get the value of your money, here is a check-list that will enable you choose the right vehicle for your daily activities.

1.The engine; engine size of the machine helps to gauge or anticipate the strength of the vehicle. For instance, lighter tasks like transporting farm products such as Nappier grass, a four-cylinder engine will work perfectly but for heavy task requires a more powerful and complex engine such as a six or eight-cylinder one.

2.Transmission system; it can be either manual or automatic. Some motorist prefers the automatic transmission system because it just shifts gears without engagement while others will go for manual transmission system that allows you to change gears using gear-sticks. The transmission system will determine the speed and fuel consumption of the machine.

3.The cabin size; there are two types of cabs, for example the single cab carries two passengers only while the extended cab can comfortably accommodate a maximum of six passengers. Buy the one you are comfortable with.

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