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Mobius 3: Here is how Mobius Motors lied to Kenyans in the name of a new model

Since the release of the Mobius 3, there has been a lot of debate on weather the car deserves to be granted the "made in Kenya" status. This is because some people claim that the company is not kenyan owned therefore the car does not qualify to have been made in Kenya. Others on the other hand claim that since some of the components such as the engine are not manufactured in Kenya, the manufacturer does not have the right to claim that the vehicle is made in Kenya.

Even though the company (Mobius Motors) was incooperated in the United Kingdom, it was registered in Kenya. This therefore means that any product that is manufactured by the company in Kenya automatically gets the "made in Kenya" status.

Since there is no company in Kenya that manufacturers vehicles engines and gearboxes, I find it wrong to claim that a product is not made in Kenya simply because some of its spare parts are imported. This is because some big companies such as Porsche buy some of their car parts from other manufacturers. A good example is the Porsche 911 which uses a boxer engine.

The first and the second generation of Mobius 2 were really impressive as they were fully designed and developed in Kenya. However when it comes to the Mobius 3, there is a lot of proof that show that it is not an original.

If you have been to Nigeria or China, the concept of the Mobius 3 might not seem very new to you. This is because the Mobius 3 is a photocopy of the Biac BJ40 that is made in China. The only difference between the Mobius 3 and the BJ40 is the front grill. If you go to Nigeria, you will also find out that Innoson (IVM G40) has a model that looks similar to the Mobius 3.

The Mobius 3 might be a new model in Kenya but not to the world. So, if you believe that the Mobius 3 is better than the BJ50 then you need to think twice as the Mobius 3 is a photocopy while the BJ50 is an original.

You can check out more information on the Baic BJ40 using the link below:

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