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Why you need to think twice before purchasing a hybrid car in Kenya.

Currently, the price of fuel has gone up. This therefore means that the prices of other commodities are likely to go up. More kenyans are also likely to go for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The main reason why most people will go for hybrid vehicles is because they are believed to be fuel efficient. However before you decide to go for a hybrid vehicle, you really have to think twice. The first reason is because most hybrid vehicles do not always reach the claimed fuel efficiency by the manufacturer.

If you take a good look at the Honda vezel which is claimed to have a fuel efficiency of 27Km/l, you will realize that this vehicle has a fuel efficiency of about 19km/l. The main reason for this different is because of driving habits. When car manufacturing companies are doing their tests on a particular vehicle, they use professional drivers who know how to produce the best results from any car.

Even though this is not such a big deal, the main reason you need to be keen before buying a hybrid vehicle is because of the battery. This is because most cars that are brought to Kenya are mostly bought from auctions and have probably been used. This might therefore mean that the battery of the car you are buying might not be in the best conditions and might need replacement after sometime.

Some people might always try to convince you that buying a hybrid battery is cheap and might cost you less than ksh50,000. This is not a lie as you can buy a hybrid battery on AliExpress for this amount. However you should also know that you have not yet included the transport costs amd taxes charged by the government. Even though you might succeed in bringing the battery to Kenya for less than ksh100,000, you will struggle to get a mechanic who can easily replace for you the battery. This is because most mechanics in Kenya specialize in petrol and diesel engines and not hybrid battery replacement.

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