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Why Car's Losses Power While Driving And Atimes Goes Off.

Why Car's Losses Power While Driving And Atimes Goes

Some cars do lose power while being driven and this can even happen when there is enough fuel in the car and atimes they can even go off while on the road.

There are several reason's as to why this can happen and ill show you them below.

1) Faulty spark plugs.

Faulty spark plugs makes electrical signals not to reach your car engine effectively and the car may lose power and accelerate slowly and atimes power can be cut off completely and hence the car goes off.

2) Low level of compression in the car engine.

This will also reduce the rate of acceleration of the car due to insufficient generation of power.

3) Faulty fuel pump also makes the car lose power while your driving

If it's defective, you have to change your pump as this even prevents fuel from going to the engine.

4) If you have a damaged air filter, there are higher chances that your car will keep on losing power as the dirty air will be get into the chambers and will even damage the car engine.

5) If the exhaust pipes are clogged, then the car will have a reduced power as the smoke will be concentrated inside and can cause even damages.

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