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Why Spare Tires Are Fast Becoming a Thing of the Past

Most cars come with some extra amenities such as spare tires and first aid kits incase of an emergency. However if you are keen, you will realize that most car manufacturers are nowadays opting for tire repair kits instead of spare wheels.

This might prove to be very disadvantageous to most drivers as they are not taught how to use a tyre repair kit. Learning this skill is not very hard. Even though some driving schools will teach you how to do it, most of them assume that incase you have a flat tyre you will have to change to a spare wheel and take your car to a vulcanizer to repair your tyre.

The first reason why you might not see a spare wheel on the next brand new car that you buy is because of space. Even though some might argue that this doesn't affect the space in your car, removing the spare wheel gives you more space for your language.

The second reason is the cost. If you were to consider between buying a repair kit and a spare wheel, most people would go with the kit. This is because buying a spare wheel is much more expensive compared to buying a repair kit. By doing this, car manufacturers save a lot of money by reducing the cost of production.

Lastly its about the weight. Since most car owners are looking for fast cars, manufacturers spend most of their time trying out various methods to reduce the weight of your car so that it can be lighter. By doing this, you car can get to attain its maximum designed speed. Since weight plays a huge role on determining how fast your car can go, some car manufacturers prefer removing non-essential items such as spare tyres in order to reduce the weight of your car.

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