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Relieve to a Mkokoteni Guy After Range Rover Owner Forgives Him For Breaking Rear Windshield

The owner of the Range Rover which had been broken the rear windshield by a Mkokoteni guy has finally forgiven the guy and repaired the broken window.

This is after that photo of the broken window circulated online with people wondering how the owner of the car will do to the Mkokoteni owner who was on his daily hustle.

To many,such a case would result to the man being jailed since the Range Rover owner has money.This is the case with many rich people who despise the hustlers or the poor people.

Kenyans have come out to applaud the Range Rover owner for such act of compassion to the Mkokoteni guy who most likely could not manage to pay for the repair of the expensive car.

Others think that he decided to forgive him due to lack of another option as he would be forced to lock the guy behind bars which is not necessary.

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Content created and supplied by: PaparazziwaMtaa (via Opera News )

Kenyans Mkokoteni Range Rover


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