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Top 5 Expensive Things Owned by Comedian Jalang'o in 2021 (Photos)

Felix Odiwuor is alias Mzee Jalang'o Mwenyewe, is one of the most sort Radio comedians and Emcee in Kenya. Currently, he hosts a breakfast show in Kiss 100 alongside Kamene Goro, Shika Dream Show, and content creator at his online TV Jalang'o.

Jalang'o is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking entertainers in Kenya. His abundant resources have empowered him to carry on with an extravagant way of life. Below are some of the expensive things owned by comedian Jalang'o as of 2021;


The car is worth Ksh 2.5 million. The car has leather interior seats and a keyless entry. The car is a 2000cc twin-turbocharged petrol engine. 

Some of the features include front electric seats with warmers, memories, parking sensors, and a steering control button.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 200 series 

In July 2020, after fallout with Milele FM, he landed his current job at Kiss 100 and opted to acquire a new machine to celebrate that milestone.

He showcased his new Toyota Land Cruiser on his Instagram platform. The car showroom price is at Ksh 21 million.

Runda Mansion 

Very few radio presenters can boost homeownership in uber posh Nairobi's nearby neighborhood. Right off the bat in the year, Jalang'o opened his entryways and showed his fans a rich manor he calls home that was under development for a better part of 2018.

Owning TV station -Jalango TV 

After the breakup with media max during the ravaging covid-19 that slapped income in the giant media house, Jalang'o fell out with Milele FM over failed salary negotiations. He started his online TV brand called Jalang'o TV as he was waiting for his new job. The channel boasts over 400 thousand subscribers.

Liru designs

Jalang'o's dressing code when turning up for events and radio jobs is very demanding in terms of dressing. He's been dawning mouthwatering designs from Liru designs. It's believed that Liru Design, an online clothing company that has been dressing elite celebrities, is co-owned by Jalang'o and his wife, Amina Chao.

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