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Road Accident

Things You Should Do When Seated Next to The Driver

Sometimes, in a rush to get inside the matatu, you find yourself seated next to the driver. Some people do not like sitting in front of the matatu. They believe that in case of an accident (head-on collision), they are likely to die first.

On the other hand, some passengers prefer the front seat. In fact, they will not board a vehicle if the front seat is already occupied. They would rather wait for another vehicle. What they do not know is that sitting next to the driver comes with some unwritten responsibilities.

1. Engage the driver in less talk

Some people make the mistake of engaging the driver in a marathon of stories and rumours. This is very dangerous. A driver needs to concentrate more on the road. If you are seated next to the driver, always remember to give him or her enough time to concentrate on the most important task of driving. If you must talk, moderate it. 

2. Allow space for gear navigation

The front space in a vehicle usually allows two more passengers. The one seated next to the door and the one seated next to the driver where the gears are located (if the vehicle is not an automatic one). Some passengers do not bother to give the driver enough space to engage the gears properly. The driver has to keep on reminding them to “sit well.” If you sit where the gears are located, please lean on the window side to give enough room for the driver to engage the gears without stress.

3. Assist in adjusting the side mirror

It is not your job to adjust the side mirror but sometimes it is better and far much easier if you assist the driver in adjusting the side mirror accordingly, especially when the vehicle is in the middle of a thick traffic jam.You do not want the driver to jump out of the vehicle and go all the way round to adjust the side mirror.

4. Help in cleaning the windscreen

Some vehicles have faulty windscreen wipers. When it starts drizzling, the driver will have to physically wipe the windscreen using a piece of cloth while at the same time driving. As a good “neighbour” or “co-driver,” you need to take this as your responsibility. This will allow the driver to concentrate more in driving.

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