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Check out the Cost of Fueling a 2021 Mercedes Benz C-class for 100Km.

Mercedes Benz is a luxury brand of cars that is known for comfort and is commonly associated with wealth. Most recently, we saw His Excellency president Kenyatta carried by one when he visited president Macron of France. Many people assume that the a Benz is expensive to fuel. Is true?

A Mercedes is a great performance vehicle in terms of engine, speed and torque. It is also pretty durable car and the look cool. However, a Benz is generally an expensive car to maintain especially roads as bad as in Kenya. The maintenance cost is directly proportional to how much individuals use their car and how careful they are on the roads.

A 2021 Mercedes Benz CLA250 has a 2litre engine. Its fuel consumption is approximately 9kilometres per litre of petrol on a highway and 6.5km per litre in a city. Therefore means that for 100km on a highway, a Benz will consume 11.1 litres of fuel. With the current cost of petrol, you will need Ksh1450 to fuel a Benz for 100km.

This is not as expensive as many people assume, but it is more than other cars. However the few coins above are nothing compared to the luxury and comfort of cruising in a Benz.

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