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Why You Should Not Dream About Purchasing A Car In Kenya Through Uganda Or Tanzania.

Before you decide on whether to import a car or purchase a unit readily available in Kenya, you should ensure that you do your research so that you make the best choice. Even though importing a car may help save you some cash, the country from which you import your car determines the cost of importation.

Since the currency of Kenya is mightier compared to that of Uganda and Tanzania, most Kenyans believe that it is cheaper to purchase their cars from the said countries rather than purchasing their cars from Kenya.

Below are two main reasons why you should never think of making this mistake.

1. Importing a car through the said countries is quite expensive. Unless you are very rich and you can afford to pay to use foreign number plates in Kenya, this will cost you a lot of money. Since you are importing a car from Uganda with Ugandan plates, you will have to pay regularly to get a permit to use your vehicle in Kenya. If you fail to do so, you will have to choose between stopping at every police roadblock or leaving your car at home.

2. You have to adhere to the age limit of seven years. This means that you will not be able to register your car in Kenya if it doesn't meet the seven-year rule. Unless you are working in a foreign country and you can prove that the vehicle you are importing has been owned by you for a certain period, bringing a vehicle more than 7 years old into Kenya may prove to be uneconomical.

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